Solar Arrays are used to produce a quick, and infinite supply of Power to various machines found in the mod pack such as the Quantum ExtractorPowder SifterAnsible Network and much more.

Crafting: Edit

Power Station (Solar Array): Edit

Mechanics Edit

While the Solar Array is in the world, it checks light levels and the environment and adjusts its output every 10 seconds based on the following criteria:

  • If the Solar Array is underground, submerged in liquid, obstructed by a wall, or in an area with a light level lower than 0.2, it does not produce power.
  • If the Solar Array is located below y=500, power output is equal to 2*light level (full daylight and no artificial light sources produces a light level of 1.0).
  • If the Solar Array is located between y=500 and y=700, power output is equal to 4*light level.
  • If the Solar Array is located between y=700 and y=900, power output is equal to 6*light level.
  • If the Solar Array is located above y=900, power output is equal to 10*light level.
  • If power output would otherwise be larger than 12u, it is reduced down to 12u.

Trivia: Edit

  • All Solar Arrays will work with artificial light such as light produced from torches or lights found on your ship. Even Chromatic dirt placed in the background or submerging it in Liquid Aether or Healing Water will work. Combing the two can increase the power level by up to 2.5x the normal output.
  • Given the fact that you can place 4 Solar Panels in the same space as you would a solar array (even taking necessary platforms into account), this makes the array actually less efficient than the panels.

Unlocked by: Edit

Solar Panel

Unlocks: Edit

Solar Tower

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