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Summary Edit

Broadly, there are a multitude of status effects and of varying degree, depending on which planet or biome you are on. To combat this, players can use various EPP's, Armors, and Consumables to negate or lessen the effects. In addition to the EPP's, there are a dizzying array of Armors available through the Clothing Fabricator and in particular the Armory.

Biome Status EffectsEdit

Status Effect

Armor - Immunity Augments Consumable Immunity
Breathing Breathing EPP, Arctic, Recon, all of the pressure resist armor Re-Breathing
Poison (from liquids) all of the biooze resist armor, Fishman Armor, Slime Armor, Intersec Armor, Nautilus Armor, WarAngel Armor Survival Tent Crystal Plant, Gazelemon, GoldenSea Sponge, Ita Head
Tar (blackStarSlow) Monster Plate Armor, Dweller Armor, Nomad Armor, Corsair Armor Mobility Nisscap, Kamaran Pods
Radiation Anti-Radation EPP, Intersec, Recon Radiation Shield I


Heating EPP , Wolf, Assault, Bounty Hunter Plate, Cold Shield I


Cooling EPP Heat Shield I
Acid (Sulfuric) (effectName: ffextremesulphuric) Chitin Armor, Crimson Brave, Reptile Scale, Bone Armor, Hellfire Armor, ???, Densinium Armor, Warangel Armor Armor, ???, Adv. Quantum Armor Acid Shield Whitespine
Proto-Poison Field Generator, Type-S, Blister, Arctic, Field Science, Fishman, Prophet, Reptile Scale, Hoplite Set, Isogen Armor, Ice Armor, Intersect Armor, Hellfire Armor, ???, SpaceFarer Armor, a shield? Vextongue Stamen, Nakati Bark
Pus Corsair Leggings, Crimson Brave,
Bio Ooze (effect differs in lethality) Survival Tent, Slime Armor, ???, ???, Diver Armor, a shield Ita Head
Insanity/Madness Light Priest, Cultist, Shadow Madness Shield Darklight Blossom
Pressure (effectName: gasworldweak) Rifter Helm, Valkyrie, Phase Armor, Densinium Armor, War Angel Armor, SpaceFarer Armor
Lethal Pressure (effectName: gasworld)
Extreme Cold (effectName: ffextremecold) Field Generator, Artic, Irradium, Pyreite Armor, Cold Epp, Ice armor, indernosuit, ???, densinium armor, bunty hunter armor, ???, a shield? Cold Shield II Blizzberry, Kramilspine
Extreme Heat (itemName: ffextremeheat) Field Generator, Isogen Armor, Inferno Armor, Hellfire Armor, ???, Densinium Armor, Warangel Armor, a shield? Heat Shield II Quell Stem, DragonsBeard, 
Extreme Radiation (effectName: ffextremeradiation) Mutavisk, Recon, Field Generator, ???, Xithricite Armor, Warangel Armor, ???, a shield? Radiation Shield II
Shadow Tainted Gishinanki, Cultist, Flesh, Shadow Shadow Shield 
Sticky Slime Mobility III Slime Leaf

Breathing Cold Cold+ Heat Acid Rad Rad+
Item A x x x x
Item B x

Item C x x x

Note: This list is not exhaustive-- I'm exhausted. There are many more armors that provide these effects in the Armory if anyone else wants to take a stab at this. This page would probably make more sense as a table with the item on the left and then the a checklist of sorts with the vertical columns, or even just icons such as ☢. Example above.