Summary Edit

The strange sea is a special type of ocean planet. It is composed of several different, randomly chosen liquids, and is a hotspot for most of your liquid materials, as there are some that normally can not be found on other seas.

Appearance Edit

The strange sea is similar to most other "ocean" planets. You spawn on an island, and the rest of the planet is composed of liquid and the underground. The difference in Strange Seas, is that the liquid in question is randomly generated, and there can be up to 3 instead of just one. As you swim farther from the coast, you will start to see the different types of liquids. They also generate in two layers, with the liquid changing to a second one as you go deeper down. This second layer can also change similarly to the top one.

Dangers Edit

There are two main things to worry about on these planets. One is the sea life, which scales with the planet's level. The main concern, however, is the liquid itself.

Since there are liquids, there will of course be it's effects. For example, a sea with Liquid Metal may be dangerous within that part of the planet. So keep an eye out for what's in the planet itself.

Also, Strange Seas may or may not have Poison Gas.

Possible Liquids Edit

(incomplete, please add in alphabetical order if you can help!)


Alien Juice



Black Tar


Contaminated Water

Coconut Milk

Elder Fluid


Healing Water


Liquified Crystal

Liquid Erchius Fuel

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Protocite

Liquid Irradium

Liquid Iron

Loose Silt


Organic Soup



Pure Honey




Sulphuric Acid