Summary Edit

At first glance they are similar to vanilla Lush worlds, except that there is no animal life wandering around, meaning no monsters to bug you. There are also no dungeons or sub-biomes located on the surface, making the planet consistent all the way around. In addition, they consistently bear either peach or pear trees. This makes such worlds ideal for development, either colonies or bases or farms or labs. They are a marriage between barren and lush worlds.

Be aware however that despite the lack of life on the surface, sub-biomes and the monsters that inhabit them do exist beneath the surface.

It is hinted that long ago some sort of catastrophe occurred here to make this planet so bereft of all surface animal or civilized life, however it is never clear what that is. One thing is for sure however: whatever that cause(s) might have been, the danger to you and any colonists you choose to bring here has long since passed.

Codex description Edit

Some hideous catastophe has resulted resulted in this planet becoming a Tabula Rasa. A long ago nuclear armageddon/deadly supervirus/floran hunt? Who knows?

Notable FeaturesEdit

You can find copper, silver, gold, iron, fossils, and Zerchesium here. Peach trees grow here.

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