This page is accurate as of FU 4.19.19 and some info is likely to be outdated, 
(FU 4.20 changed the dungeon and the Science Outpost missions have been revamped)
feel free to correct or report anything that seems to have changed.

Unknown technology
Spoiler Warning

This page contains many spoilers, proceed at your own risk!

Not to be confused with the Biome of a similar name: Ice Waste


Unlocking the Frozen Wastes Dungeon (FU 4.9.19):Edit

The Frozen Wastes is a large dungeon accessed via S.A.I.L. after completing the following string of quests:

  1. Matter Assembler mission.
  2. Armory mission
  3. Mutavisk mission, which require a mutavisk helm and as such at least the Clothing Fabricator.
  4. Augments mission, which is to obtain the Nano-Fabricator.
  5. Nuclear Power mission, which is to obtain a Molten Core.
  6. To eventually unlock A Missing Friend (The Frozen Wastes Dungeon), which will lead to you obtaining the Frozen Wastes mission in your S.A.I.L.

( Alternatively, one may unlock this quest via the vanilla main quest. To do so, you must find an item called a Tattered Grimiore in either The Great Sovereign Temple (when told to choose a left or right route, take the right route instead of the left route. It will be in a book case near the switch to open the door and disable the traps in the next room) or The Baron's Keep (In one of the boxes underneath a banner). Using this method will allow you to bypass the outpost almost entirely.

Getting ready for the mission:Edit

Since the quest is categorized as Tier 6-8 (Extreme-Impossible), the following are recommended to be brought before attempting this quest, especially for its loot:

  • Armor, Augments, or Consumables that allow you to resist Radiation, Corruption, Madness, Extreme Cold, and Slow/Slide (one might want a combination of the three for maximum resist potential).
  • Good Armor, ideally some that meets one or more of the anti-debuff needs of the mission.
  • Good Weapons: Preferably one that can handle Tier 7 (Lethal) or higher monsters. It is ideal to bring a ranged/magic weapon, as the boss hits hard against a melee user, even with good armor on.
  • A Grappling Hook, Lasher Hook, or Rope is required. Alternatively the Spike Sphere, Rocket Boots, and Quintuple Jump techs can be used, but not recommended as the swarm of Tentaspawners and Tentagnats can knock the user down with just one touch, risking potential low HP or death from the falling.
  • Techs: more specifically ones such as Multi Jump, Rocket Boost, Quad Jump, Spike Sphere, and Air Dash are useful in certain scenarios. Also make sure to have the micro spider sphere tech since it is necessary to beat this mission.
  • Lighting of some sort will help you navigate a lot easier. traveling lanterns (diamond pack, xenon pack, etc.) and/or consumables such as Oonfortas or glow sticks are thus particularly useful.
  • Food (survival only): Unlike on all other missions, food DOES drain here. So bring plenty to eat, especially considering you will be on this mission for quite some time.

Exploring the Frozen WasteEdit


The player will have to navigate a variety of terrains, from a frozen wasteland above ground to a research complex with useful codex entries, a miniboss NPC, a strange and ancient ruin, a subterranean temple, some radioactive, mutated caverns, puzzles, traps, and a boss.Cyclopean Depths

The dungeon contains valuables, but what makes it stand out is the exclusive loot you can find in chests, which are marked as Artifacts (these are distinguished by the yellow text in their names, list below). Not only are these exclusive, but you can also craft special items with them; namely armor, weapons and furniture, like the Dimensional Storage and Elder Armor. One such armor you can create is the Shoggoth Armor (provided you have at least defeated the boss of the mission once), which gives absurd boosts, as well as the Elder Protection Buff.

Around the dungeon, aside from the exclusive loot (see below for potential loot tables) you may find, you will find Elder Altars that let you craft specific weapons and armor provided you give the correct Artifacts to it. Alternatively, you can gather the corresponding recipes that are randomly found or dropped, and craft them back at the crafting stations. The non-altar recipes are often more expensive in terms of overall materials, due to the presence of less-exclusive ores and materials used.

Secret areas
A morph ball area in the second icy water pool you encounter (the one

immediately after you exit the lab going right) the morph ball area will be on the left side at the bottom of the icy water. Contains a secret underground area with some penguins and a switch that opens specific areas of the dungeon, allowing a fast-track for repeat visits. Cannot be accessed fully without Translocator.

A morph ball area directly above the stairs after you enter the ruins (where

the fire trap hits you after opening the door), leads to an Elder Artifact that often gives Artifacts used for Elder Altar crafting.

A morph ball area to the far right of the locked area, below the shackle

puzzle(requires you to go through the elder fluid liquid trap and fire trap room, flip the switch, then come back to it). Leads to another Elder Artifact which often gives Artifacts. You'll need to solve another light puzzle here.

Cannot be accessed at all without Translocator or other means to fit through a 1-tile gap

A room just above the second staircase (it's not as hidden as the other

areas, but can be easy to miss if you're not looking for it). leads to a chest which can give Artifacts as well as other tier 5-7 loot.

A room just below the previous room. leads to a bookcase which can give Codex


An alcove (of sorts) a little ways past the "three switches, three doors"

area(pan your camera upward to find it). Three chests here, all potentially giving Artifacts and various other loot.

There are a few more not listed here.

Loot TableEdit

Image Artifact Name Common Places to locate
Trapezohedron Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Unknown technology
Unknown Technology Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Elder sign
Elder Sign Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Elder photo
Elder Artifact Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest/Elder Statue(Confirmed Drop)
Ancient glyph
Ancient Glyph Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Rune wand
Rune Wand Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Valtan photo
Valtan Casing Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Elder bust
Elder Bust Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Blade shard
Blade Shard Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Celeano fragment
Celaeno Fragment Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Elder tome
Elder Tome Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest
Elder core
Elder Core Shoggoth Drop/Random Chest

Boss: The Shoggoth, Formless Horror Edit


Skills: Edit

Name Damage Range
Eye Beam Lots. Can also debuff armor Long
MiniShoggoth Spawn No direct damage. Minions are mean Mid
Fluid Squirt Acidic blobs. DoT effect. Mid
Acid Attack Shoots gravity-altering nastiness. Can pull into tentacle range. Long
Tentacle Swipe High damage. Causes Insanity. Short

Lootable: Edit

Image Name
Shoggoth Flesh

There is a string of quests attached to the mission, making completing it more interesting. Best of luck!

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