This Station is currently unobtainable without admin commands. It however still exists in game. It's functions are disabled, and it does nothing.

The Upgrade Station is a Powered Station that applies upgrades to armors. It requires at least 1 Upgrade Module and 6v of power to work.

To operate, place an armor in the green upgrade item slot and upgrade modules in the blue stat slots. Ignore the red slots.

WARNING: The Upgrade Station will consume all the Upgrade Modules placed on a slot at once and increase the stat selected by 1 per Upgrade Module consumed this way.

Slots: Edit

  • DMG M = Increases Damage Multiplier
  • PRT = Increases Protection
  • MAX E = Increases Max Energy
  • MAX H = Increases Max Health

Recipe: Edit

Matter Assembler (Upgrade Station) Edit

Unlocked by: Edit

Currently disabled.

Formerly unlocked by Blast Furnace

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