These quests revolve around the use of the Xeno Research Lab.

Xeno Lab
text "Statement. You need a Xeno Research Lab. You'll conduct your research there in order to create new forms of plant life."
completion "Emphasis. Congratulations on your creation. Let us celebrate by working."
text "Explanation. The easiest gene to craft is the chloroplast. You need to combine four units of water, amino acid and a peptide chain."
completion "Neutral. Success."
Organic synthesis
text "Statement. The Organic synthesis gene is a bit more complex. You will now understand why we made you learn how to craft fertilizer. You'll use it right now."
completion "Enthusiastic. Excellent. Now you can start crafting plants. Informative. I have more to teach you."
Toxin gene
text "Statement. Now you need to create a toxin gene. Caution. Use protective gear."
completion "Enthusiastic. Great."
Luminescent gene
text "Excitement. Now you have to craft a very interesting gene. Luminescent gene leads to the most awesome plants."
completion "Statement. These genes can be used to craft luminescent paste in the chemlab."
Get some nerve
text "Confused. Plants should not have nerves. But some of them actually do. So you'll need to craft a nerve bundle."
completion "Statement. You learned much now. Let's make a last one."
Nerve bundle II
text "Declaration. Some plants have a complex nerve system. You'll need to craft an advanced gene to create them. Make a nerve bundle II."
completion "Statement. You have learned everything I have to teach to you. You're on your own now."
Designing Labs
text "Invitation. Go and meet our Floran scientist. Warning. Don't be surprised. He's been genetically modified."
completion "Ssso you're the new one? Don't be afraid. I will not ssstab you. I'm a vegetarian. Honest. Take thisss, and then make a Design Lab pleasssse."

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